• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many Honda and Acura Certified Collision shops will be in my area?
    A: Shop density is based on Honda and Acura units in operation in any given area. American Honda has calculated the optimum number of shops in each area to meet consumers needs while retaining the value of the Honda and Acura Certified Collision brand.

    Q: As a multi-shop operator, can I get a break on the price?
    A: Each shop receives the same program benefits delivered through the same infrastructure and same number of support personnel and thus the cost to every shop, large or small, dealer or independent or MSO or individual, is the same.

    Q: How long does it take to get Certified?
    A: It depends. A shop that meets all the program requirements could be Certified in as little as 30-45 days.

    Q: How do I become certified?
    A: Contact your local Collision Market Manager (CMM). Their information is on the “Contact American Honda” tab of this website.

    Q: If I become a certified shop will I get kicked off the program if the local Honda or Acura dealership’s body shop becomes certified?
    A: Proximity to a dealer owned body shop does not put your certification at risk.

    Q: If I become certified will my certification automatically renew after my certification expires?
    A: Shops must be invited to renew their certification each year and the decision to invite a shop to renew is at the discretion of the shop’s respective Collision Market Manager (CMM). CMM’s determine whether a shop should be invited to renew based on several factors including but not limited to positive interaction with the shop, the shop’s timely responsiveness to requirements and requests, and customer feedback.

    Q: As a certified shop can we get additional discounts on parts purchases?
    A: American Honda has several opportunities for parts discounts through its Collision Parts Promote and additional upcoming programs.

    Q: Is “price matching” through the Collision Parts Promote program tied to certification at all?
    A: The Collision Parts Promote program is not a Certified Collision program requirement.