• Honda Diagnostics Cloud




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    American Honda is proud to introduce the Honda Diagnostics Cloud, a cutting-edge pre/post repair DTC scanning and vehicle system calibration solution, exclusive to Honda and Acura Certified Collision-certified collision repair shops, and brought to you in partnership with CCC.


    The Honda Diagnostics Cloud was developed for collision repair shops from the ground-up with the comprehensive, safe repair of customers’ vehicles in mind. It is designed to deliver quick and complete OE scans with the click of a button – no appointment scheduling, no expensive software to update, and no technical experience necessary. If you need an OE scan and want it simple and fast, look no further.


    But it doesn’t just stop there! Honda Diagnostics Cloud is packed with powerful vehicle system calibration functionality right at your fingertips. Need to calibrate a passenger seat weight sensor? What about setting the steering angle neutral position in the electric power steering rack? How about adding TPMS sensors? Honda Diagnostics Cloud does all this and much more, helping your shop keep all of the repairs and profitability in-house.


    Repairing a Honda and Acura vehicle using the Honda Diagnostics Cloud has many advantages over any other scanning solution in the industry:


    This is an OE scan, offered and endorsed by American Honda – it’ll scan every system on every 2011 and newer Honda or Acura vehicle that comes in for repair. Needless to say, the Honda Diagnostics Cloud meets the Honda and Acura Certified Collision requirements for OE scanning.

    The Honda Diagnostics Cloud is – in the cloud! This means that you’ll always have access to the most current OE data to give you accurate scan results, without having to update your software. Scan results will even include airbag, pre-tensioner, occupant weight sensor, steering angle, and other key data parameters in the scan report to give you the confidence of a repair done right, first time.

    On-demand scanning with a simple, no-nonsense user interface – click SCAN to check for DTCs, and CLEAR to clear them. It’s that easy. Then calibrate non-ADAS systems after your repairs. No need to schedule an appointment with a remote or mobile technician. Our scan and calibrations, are here when you need it.

    Minimal investment – no setup costs or monthly fees. Pay-per-VIN with unlimited scanning for each VIN for 30 days, and get invoices for pre/post scans when you need them for billing purposes.

    3 simple hardware requirements – Windows 10 PC, Honda/Acura supported J2534-compliant interface, and an internet connection. If you’re Honda and Acura Certified Collision, we even supply you with the Honda Antares Capsule* interface to get started!

    Fully integrated with CCC ONE© – Access the Honda Diagnostics Cloud via the CCC Diagnostics app (download free from the Microsoft Store). Scan results are directly attached to the claim workfile in CCC ONE©, and if you’re using Repair Workflow, even the scan invoices are automatically integrated.


    What are you waiting for? Click https://www.cccis.com/diagnostics/honda to start maximizing your profits and get scanning today!


    Click https://help.cccis.com/elevate/DRPTraining/hondadiagnostics.html for additional learning aids and How-to guides.


    * If your shop is Honda and Acura Certified Collision and in good standing and uses CCC One, American Honda will send you one Honda Antares Capsule vehicle communication interface. Once you receive your interface, follow the instructions for configuring/installing the software drivers at https://www.antarescapsule.com/honda by selecting the Drivers menu option. More interfaces can also be purchased at this website by selecting the Order Products menu item.